Configure printers on your Windows device

This guide can only be followed at school, this will not work from home.

Please follow this guide to add the schools printer on your Windows BYOD device.

You will need your Student Network login credentials, if you are unsure or do not have this, please contact for assistance.

1. Click the button below to download the PaperCut Client.

- If the download link does not work, open a new tab, sign into Compass, then try again.

2. Open the downloaded file, you will be presented with the Welcome screen, click 'Next'.

1. Welcome Screen.png

3. The PaperCut client will now install, please wait a few seconds for this to complete.

2. Installing PaperCut.png

4. Once installed, click 'Finish'.

2.1 Finished.png

5. A window will automatically pop up asking to sign in, enter your TLSC login details

4. Sign In.png

- If this window does not automatically appear:

5.1 - Click the arrrow on the bottom-right corner of your screen, then press the printer icon

3.1 Logo.png

5.2 - Click 'View my Printers'

3.2 View my printers.png

6. The school printers will automatically install, once installed, you can close this app.

5. Installed.png