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NAPLAN Lockdown Browser

What is a Locked down browser?

All Year 7 and Year 9 Student devices (tablet, PC or Mac) will be required to use the NAPLAN test player locked down browser to undertake the test. 

The locked down browser is a secure browser designed to

  • prevent students from accessing other applications, web pages, software or hardware features and only provides access to the test player.

  • prevent use of operating system commands such as functions accessed by Ctrl-Alt-Delete.

  • disable features such as the camera, spell check, screenshot, home, back and power buttons.

  • prevent execution in a virtual machine or a virtual desktop (e.g. Citrix Virtual desktops, VMware or Parallels on Mac)

  • prevent the user from exiting without confirmation

Locked down browser Apps will not contain test content, therefore a connection to the Internet will still be required in order to take the test.

Windows Naplan.png
Mac Naplan.png

If you have any questions, please send an email to for support.

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