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If you have purchased your device through the school supplier you have an onsite 3 year warranty that will cover repairs.  

Simply drop your device off to the IT desk at the College for repair, before or after school or at recess or lunchtime.  In some instances, such as when the device cannot be quickly repaired, we may be able to supply a loan device until it is fixed. 

In the first instance, the IT team at TLSC will try to repair the device at no cost to you.  If, in the case of damage, parts are needed for the repair, our supplier, LWT will invoice you for the cost of the part.  Once you have paid for the part, LWT will send us the part and our IT team will repair the device.  If it is that our in-house IT team do not have the specialist skills to fix the device (eg in repairing a touch screen) you will also be invoiced by LWT for their specialist technician to come on-site to repair the device (this is about a $45 charge).  

Outside of the 3 year onsite warranty time, if you have bought the device through our supplier, you are still able to bring the device to our IT desk and they will support you in having the device repaired, though this may involve more costs, and the device being sent back to the supplier for repairs.

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