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ICT@TLSC Overview

IT Overview


Student access to IT resources within Taylors Lakes Secondary College requires a Network Account

- Accounts are created when the student enrolment is complete.

 - Username: All students are given a "Cases ID". This is unique to each student and is used as their username. Cases ID's are in the format ABC0001.

- Password: Students are provided with a password. This is unique to their username.

- This account gives access to school IT resources - School computers, Email, Compass.

School Network Computers

- Students are required to login with their username and password. Each year level is given access to resources for their curriculum requirements.

- School related files can be stored on the school network, and are accessible within the school.

Compass Access

- Student Access - Students use their school account username and password to access Compass. If a student cannot access Compass, they are using an incorrect username or password. Passwords can be reset by contacting the IT Office.

Taylors Lakes Secondary College Student Email

- The school provides an Office365 email service. Users can access their email using a web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari).

- More information how to do this can be found under Configure Devices -- > Accessing Student Emails

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