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Connecting BYOD Devices to the school network

All students part of the BYOD program are entitled to 1 device connected to the network, the process of connecting the device are as follows:



1. Students have to drop off their device to the I.T tech office

Drop off and pickup times have to be within the designated times:

  • Before school (8:30am - 8:50am)

  • Recess           (10:38am - 11:00am)

  • Lunchtime      (12:38pm - 1:20pm)

  • After school    (3:05pm - 3:30pm)

Students are strictly prohibited from entering the I.T tech office during class time


2. The technicians will need the device for at least 2 class periods to connect and configure


In order for the technicians to connect BYOD devices they will need:

  • Students full name

  • Password to log into the device

  • Compass username and password

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