BYOD Program

The College first introduced Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program in 2015 to gradually replace the existing 1:1 program. When developing our BYOD program we considered a number of program models used by schools and wanted to ensure our program guaranteed connectivity by clearly explaining the types of devices we are able to fully support (Eg. WiFi access, printing, etc). We also want to ensure that there are low cost options built into the program to ensure accessibility to all.

BYOD Program Rationale

- To enable all students to develop and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, practices and attitudes necessary to be engaged, robust digital citizens capable of shaping our future

- To enable all students to have access to technology to support and enhance their learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom

- To ensure a range of options are provided that allow access to the program for all students.

There are two options available for new students to the College in 2019. When one of the options have been chosen the College can:

- Effectively connect to the College wireless network

- Provide the appropriate levels of functionality to students to support their learning at the College (Eg. software, printing, WiFi)

- Be able to provide onsite support if technical issues arise (where the device is purchased through a College approved supplier)