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Bring Your Own Device Options

There are two options available for students at the College. When one of the options have been chosen the College can:


  • Effectively connect to the College wireless network

  • Provide the appropriate levels of functionality to students to support their learning at the College (Eg. software, printing, WiFi)

  • Provide onsite support if technical issues arise (where the device is purchased through a College approved supplier).

Option 1 - Purchase a device through the BYOD portal.

Purchasing brand new devices are available via two TLSC web portals. The main benefit of purchasing through the school portal having a 3 year warranty inclusion and access to onsite servicing and repairs to these devices. So if anything goes wrong with the device, you simply drop it into the IT Support Suite at the College.


This will initially cost

  • Cost of the device for the family (independent of the school), plus

  • Computer technical support charge set at $43 to cover network connection, maintenance and monitoring charges.


Students may already have a device at home that meets the College minimum requirements (below). In that case they can bring their device to school and the only fee will be annual school charge of $43


Visit the links below to look at purchasing a device:


Learning With Technologies

LWT is the schools supplier of both Windows and Apple devices.


Apple Mac

The link below will direct you to the TLSC Apple Education Store where student pricing have been applied.

Option 2 - Purchase of a device from an independent supplier that meets the Schools minimum requirements.


In order for an independently purchased device to be used on the College network, the minimum standards for the device must be met. These would need to be checked in advance as not all devices are allowed connection to the College network.  Please note that the College will not be able to provide onsite servicing and repairs to these devices as it will void your warranty. 

In cases of hardware faults and damages, you will need to contact your original supplier or a reputable computer store for assistance.


Important:   At this time the College does not support Google Chromebooks, iPads or Android devices.

Minimum Requirements for option 2 BYOD

Please follow the requirements listed below to ensure that devices have adequate hardware and software to connect to the College network. This ensures that all student devices can take full advantage of the current and emerging learning opportunities that TLSC ICT has to offer.

  • Devices must have a minimum screen size of 11.3”

  • Devices must operate with either Windows 11 or MacOSX Big Sur (or above)

  • Have an advertised battery life of at least 6-8 hours

  • Built-in camera/speakers/microphone

  • Minimum internal storage capacity - 128Gb

  • Minimum 8Gb RAM

  • Identification of student details clearly labelled on the device is a must for all students carrying their BYOD to school.


Please contact the College to discuss possible options if you are experiencing financial hardship.

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