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BYOD - Setup OneDrive

Please follow this guide to setup your school OneDrive on your BYOD device.

You will need your TLSC email and password, if you are unsure or do not have this, please visit the library for assistance, or email

MacOS - Open OneDrive

1.1 Click the OneDrive logo on the top toolbar

1.1.1 Mac.png

- If you cannot see the logo, click the Below button to Download OneDrive.

1. Right Click the OneDrive logo, on the bottom-right corner of your device.

Windows - Open OneDrive

1. Open OneDrive.png

1.1 If you cannot find the OneDrive logo, then select the up arrow to view hidden icons

1.1 Open OneDrive.png

1. Click 'Settings'

How to Setup OneDrive

2. Settings.png

2. Click the 'Account' tab

3. Click Account.png

3. Click 'Add an Account'

4. Click Add An Account.png

4. Enter your school email, then press 'Sign In'

- This is your compass code followed by, e.g.,

5. Enter Compass Email.png

5. Enter your compass password, then press 'Sign In'

6. Enter Compass Password.png

6. Press 'Next'

7. Click Next.png

7. If prompted, select 'Use this Folder'. Otherwise skip to the next step.

8. Use This Folder.png

8. If prompted to sync, press 'Next'.

9. Click Next.png

9. Once completed, press 'Open my OneDrive folder'.

10. Open my OneDrive folder.png

10. You will now see your 'OneDrive - Taylors Lakes Secondary College', this will appear on your file explorer from now on.

11. File Explorer.png
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