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What we require for student BYOD Connection


1. The main login password at the Windows login screen; either PIN code or standard password. Make sure that the password is for an 'administrator account' and not a standard user as the changes will need administrative privileges.

2. If your BYOD device has been Signed in using your Microsoft login (email address); we will require your email password.

3. Also please check to see which Windows 10 operating system you are running. If your operating system is currently Windows 10 Home in S mode, please Switch to Windows 10 Home/Education or Professional through the Windows Store. This is a free upgrade and should be done before handing in your device for configuration.


W10 Login.jpg


1. The main login password at the MacOS login screen. Make sure to give us the 'administrator account' and not the standard or Guest user password.

2. If you have set a different password in your MacOS keychain, please provide that password as well.













If you have any questions, please send an email to for support.






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